More New Minnesotans!

Please join us in welcoming the following alums to the Land of 10,000 Lakes:

Margaret Andersen Peterson '11 double majored in English Language & Literature and Medieval Studies and now lives in Lauderdale, MN.

Anna C. Baeth '11 received her Master of Science degree from Smith and currently resides in Northeast Minneapolis.

Megan Browning '01 double majored in Biological Sciences and Theatre and now resides in Duluth.

Sally Seabury Cole '51 lives in Wayzata, MN.

Christina L. Kramer '08 majored in the Biological Sciences and registered to attend Annual Meeting this Sunday.

Katrina McGhee '01 majored in Mathematics and lives in Hopkins, MN.

Katlin K. Okamoto '11 received her Master of Science at Smith and now lives in Northeast Minneapolis.

Leslie Oskey '14 received her Master of Science degree at Smith and resides in Minneapolis.
Cassandra Puccinelli '08 lives in Rochester, MN

Ms. Alexis-Clair M. Roehrich '11 double majored in French Studies and Sociology and resides in Bloomington, MN.

Samuel R. Schmitt '08 majored in Psychology and lives in Minneapolis.

Katina Tiggas '02 majored in Computer Science and lives in Eden Prairie, MN.

Emily Welle '04 majored in Sociology and moved here from Cambodia. Some of us had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband Dave at June's Supper Club at Riverview Cafe.

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