Smith Day 2012

Smith Day on Broadway–They Say it’s Wonderful!

Smith Day on Broadway

Saturday, September 8

Hopkins Center for the Arts

9 a.m through 2:30 p.m.


Your Co-Chairs (“Producers”) for the event:

Peggy Leppik ’65, Barbara Klaas ’74, and Elissa Mautner ’77

“Producers” of Smith Day on Broadway, from left: Barbara Klaas, Peggy Leppik, and Elissa Mautner

Our 2012 Smith Day in September provided a grand time for all. Shoppers raved about the range of Silent Auction items, the Broadway show tunes playing in the departments, the tasty treats in the Bakery, and the wonderful selection of items in Adult Clothes, Antiques/Collectibles, and Books. Over 90 shoppers attended lunch, and members of the Twin Cities Alumni Network, a group of Ivy League and other select college alumni groups of which we are a part joined us after lunch to shop.

Smith Day on Broadway would not have happened without the energy and excitement of our Directors (department chairs): Robin Hartwell (’86), Mary Taylor (’55), Peggy Smith (’73), Stephanie Frost (’77), Marty Swain (’71), Jane Howard (’75), Holly Churchward (’76), Brigid Brindley (’86), Polly Grose (’54), Nancy Malmon (’57), Johanna Duclos (’60), Shirley Kooyman (’73), Pamela Coleman (’74), Lisa Peilen (’69), Cybel Monson (’91), Emily Hagens (’10), Ellen Van Iwaarden (’81), and Tanya Cromey (’96). And we couldn’t have done it without the many, many other club volunteers, young and old, who helped sort, set up, and staff departments and checkouts throughout the day. You all deserve a huge “Bravo” and a standing ovation!

We are pleased to report that our profits from Smith Day were excellent. We netted $17,140, just slightly less than last year. This is great news, given that some of our basic expenses, such as rent, increased this year. Thank you shoppers!

We are already preparing for Smith Day 2013. The Hopkins Center for the Arts has been reserved, and the depot is open for donations. Contact one of us if you need directions and information on how to access our storage locker. Please remember in getting your items ready to donate that everything is transported from the storage locker to Hopkins by movers the week before the sale, so please pack breakable items and books in boxes if at all possible. Loose items are very easily damaged, and books stashed in paper bags tend to rip right through the bottom after long-term storage. We’ve provided some empty boxes and packing paper in the storage locker if you should need them.

If you’re interested in creating the next Smith Day “production” (you get to pick your own theme), let us know. We 2012 producers of Smith Day on Broadway had loads of fun and agree that it is a fabulous experience you don’t want to miss.

Barbara Klaas ’74
Peggy Leppik ’65
Elissa Mautner ’77

Our illustrious “Producers,” Barbara Klaas, Peggy Leppik, and Elissa Mautner.
Polly Grose (’54) and Brigid Brindley (’86) at their book department post.
Patricia Alton Baker (’84) examines glassware.
Smith sisters Helen Anderson and Jinny Humphrey check out the art for sale.
Melanie Kiihn (’10) checks out linens.
Robyn Dean McHattie (’96 ADA) and Kathy Ollivier (’79) enjoy catchin gup at lunch.
Cecily Hines looks over the selections in the Book Department.

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