Supper Club @ ie: Italian Eatery

Date of Event: 
Feb 12 2017 - 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Supper Club @ ie: Italian EaterySupper Club is traveling to ie: Italian Eatery on February 12, 2017 at 6pm 5:30pm to accommodate our group. They're located at

4724 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407

ie is a neighborhood eatery at heart. Conveniently located on the Minnehaha Parkway nestled between the lakes of south Minneapolis. It is inspired by the dining traditions of the Italian family; community, laughter, and conversation. We welcome you to join us for a meal at our table.

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All registrations are due Friday, February 10, 2017. Supper Club will be canceled if less than 4 people register to attend.

Update 2/11/2017: Registration is now closed. Note that the time has been changed to 5:30pm!


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Hi, Mariquita -

I couldn't remember if I'd registered for Mary Krause and myself when the announcement first came out (tho I think I did).  So I've just registered us again, and it may well be a duplicate....

Sorry for the inconvenience if so.    *-)  Betsy Foster

Hi, Betsy! No, I haven't received any of your registrations yet. Not even the ones you think you just duplicated! So I added the two of you to the list.

If you ever need to check to see whether you've registered for an event, you can look yourself up in the Redhen directory, click on your name, and then click on the Registrations tab.


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