Smith Day 2014

Smith Day 2014: 80 Years and Going Strong proved to be just that. We had record attendance at our 80th Smith Day and luncheon (over 100 strong, the most in several years), and we were blessed to have at least 11 of our club members there who are in their 80s (see picture below). Each of them was honored with a corsage and a round of applause. We had overwhelming amounts of quality merchandise in Antiques/Household and Adult Clothes, and quite an array of options in Bakery, Silent Auction, and Books.

Smith Day 2010

Our 79th Smith Day, Great Escapes, was a wonderful success and fun for all. From the “Paris & Milan” room (women’s clothing) to the “Blackwell’s Bookstore” (books), wonderful finds and bargains galore were available to the astute shopper. As always, the Bakery (“French Quarter”) and the luncheon (“A Hillside in Tuscany”) afforded delectable treats. And the “Silk Road” (Silent Auction) was full to the hilt with treasures.

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