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Book Group: Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan
Monday, June 27, 7:00pm CST

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Author Courtney Sullivan will join us!

“The consensus may be that single-sex schools offer an educational advantage for women, but as J. Courtney Sullivan’s “Commencement” presents it, the real power of a women’s college has little to do with what goes on in the classroom. This affable first novel about four friends who bond during their first week at Smith unfolds mainly in dorm rooms, dining halls, the Quad — anywhere the girls can freely inhabit the passion that is the central fact of their college years and that stays charged-up into their 20s. At Smith, the days and nights are filled with lounging, eating, crying and getting drunk, all while the women constantly analyze one another’s families and romantic partners. Studying is occasionally in the mix. But when a professor merits a role in the plot, it’s only because one of the girls starts sleeping with him.” – New York Times

Hmmm – does this sound familiar to you? Or maybe you want to challenge or critique this. Either way, it will be a lively discussion and we look forward to sharing our recollections!

Recent Events


Annual Meeting: Festivus Gathering
Sunday, June 5 at Urban Growler Brewing Company

So much has happened since 2019 that has upended our equilibrium – frustration, dismay, and loss as well as triumph, resilience, and gratitude. This gathering offered the chance to come together in the irreverent spirit of “Festivus” as we have reimagined it. We gathered to connect, join in the “Airing of Grievances” and celebrate our “Feats of Strength”!

Click for the lists of grievances and feats of strength that were shared with those in attendance.

We collected information on things about which alums would like to connect with other alums. Andrea Smith, brilliant creator and organizer of this event, is happy to receive more thoughts and will be reaching out to those who submitted items already. To learn more, please email her at

Margaret (Peggy) White Leppik, ’65

In this era of rapid political change and concern about the future of American democracy, we honor a Smith alum whose involvement in politics, government, and public affairs is an inspiration. Peggy spent 12 years in the MN State Legislature and has served on numerous commisions. She has a lengthy history of involvement in the League of Women Voters as well as other organizations, including the MN Smith Club. She shared her thoughts about our current state of affairs as well as her reflections on her experiences. Check out the video of the meeting to hear her remarks – link above.



We concluded a series of conversations on race and privilege following the trial of Derek Chauvin.

The materials from the series of discussions can be found here.

About Our Club Events

Smith Day

Smith Day began as a fundraising effort held in the homes of local alums. Over the years, the event has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the Club and its members. But its core purpose – celebrating our Smith connection and raising funds to support local Smith students – has remained the same.

Funds raised at Smith Day support PRAXIS summer internships that allow students to gain practical experience in an area of special interest. In addition, funds are added to the Club’s endowed scholarship fund for local Smith students. Over time, the Minnesota fund has grown to an impressive $2 million+!

In 2017, Smith Day reinvented itself yet again with the addition of the awarding of the “Smith College Club of Minnesota Medal”. The award, modeled after the Rally Day awards, honors a regional alumna who has lived a life of distinction. The event continues to be a festive, fundraising gathering with activities, food, conversation and a silent auction.

Annual Meeting

The Club Annual Meeting is held each spring. In addition to socializing, networking, sharing a meal and electing new Club officers, attendees of the Annual Meeting are inspired by a speaker from the College or from our local treasure trove of Smith alums.

Club Activities

Throughout the year, the Club hosts a wide variety of events – varying based on the interests of Club members. We host walks around area lakes, gather for dinners at local restaurants, host salons on engaging topics, read and discuss books and more. During the pandemic, we moved many of our events online via Zoom. We are beginning return to in-person events, following CDC guidelines when doing so.

Have an idea for a gathering? We’d love to hear it. Email us at