4 30-Minute Voice or Piano Lessons

This listing is for 4 30-minute voice or piano lessons with Siri Caltvedt, held over Zoom, Facetime, or Skype, worth $148. Learn more about Siri’s approach to teaching below, and at her website.

“As part of my brain-based approach to music teaching, I employ the Socratic method of asking the student questions based on their current knowledge and the Spiral method of layering knowledge upon knowledge. Students will feel safe to experiment, fail, and try again. Students will be challenged as much as they wish to be. Students will develop comprehensive musicianship skills, including sight-playing, music theory, technique, memorization skills, composition, and improvisation.

Piano methods I use include: Piano Adventures, Piano Pronto, Alfred Premier Piano Course, and Music Tree. In addition, piano students will benefit from following the MMTA Piano Exam Syllabus, whether or not they choose to participate in the exams.

Voice lessons are based in the Bel Canto tradition and informed by the latest voice science.”