$50 to Wild Rumpus Bookshop

Voted best bookshop by The Growler in 2019, Wild Rumpus Bookshop is a great place to pick up the best children’s books!

“Ready to feel old? The ‘90s babies that visited the now-beloved Linden Hills bookstore when it first opened are now old enough to return to Wild Rumpus with their own children in tow. Thankfully, the store’s fantastical whimsy and revolving menagerie of furry friends has remained firmly intact. Here’s to Wild Rumpus, and the whole new generation of literary adventurers they’re busy creating.”

Oprah also named it one of 20 Indie Bookstores to Visit!

This listing is for a $50 gift certificate to Wild Rumpus. To stay safe during COVID, you can order your books online or over the phone and receive them via curbside pickup.