Julia Child Dinner (2 diners) – 1st listing

The annual Julia Child Dinner is back and ready to be delivered to you! Join Anna Campbell and Emily Beck on Zoom for a gorgeous Julia dinner!

This year, to play it safe during COVID, we’ll deliver your dinner to your doorstep. Everything will be easy to heat up and ready to go with minimal preparation. You’ll join Emily and Anna on Zoom to hear about Anna’s experiences cooking in Julia’s French kitchen, learn more about the recipes you’ll be tasting, and how Julia might just be the coolest spy to ever come out of Smith College.

This listing is for 1 porch drop off with enough food for 2 people. There are 2 additional listings with additional porch drop offs if you’d like 2 or 4 more people to dine with you. All of the dinners will happen on the same day (we’ll decide together when) so we’ll all be dining virtually together!

Contact Anna or Emily with any questions.