Supper Lunch Club: Farmers Kitchen + Bar

Supper Lunch Club
Saturday April 15 – 12pm
Farmers Kitchen + Bar
750 S 2nd St Suite 100

Join Smith alums, friends and family, at Farmers Kitchen + Bar, a unique dining experience near the Mill City Museum. We’ll be having weekend brunch made from locally sourced ingredients.

“Farmer-to-table is who we are. Entirely owned and operated by local farmers who make up the Minnesota Farmers Union, we believe every food produced and grown on Minnesota farms holds a story.

We are proud to bring the freshest, highest quality food possible directly from family farms to your plate. By dining at Farmers Kitchen + Bar, you become an integral part of our farmer-to-table story and help support the livelihoods of family farmers across Minnesota.”

And it just so happens that the last Winter Farmers Market will be taking place inside the Mill City Museum. You can shop for groceries and gifts from 10am-1pm.

Please let Justina Roberts know if you plan to attend as we need to have a headcount!